Nodal point adapter


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please let me knoe what mibile phone model you have

Please concider this:
You are ordering a new product and it needs some time for developement. From the moment of purchase till the shipping can pass 4 to 14 days. We will contact you. 

Tripod thread ¼ inch
Main material: Plastic PLA, from the 3D printer

Panoramic head for smartphone

Unfortunate the Google Street View App has issues with the new tripple-camera-technology, brought by Huawei’s new flagship Smartphone the P20 Pro. Occasionally,
the taken pictures will be disorted and therefore the quality will be lowered drasticaly. However, it has nothing to do with our Nodalpoint-Adapter, but is due to the software issues from Google. Using other software and combine it with our Adapter will still deliver high quality professionall panoramic images.

Additional information

Dimensions 13 × 18 × 3 cm

partially manufactured on a 3d printer

The weight

80-100 grams